More Nutritious Party Snack Choices

A while back one of my friends asked me about what they could buy in the way of party snacks that were more nutritious, they said they were in the habit of buying corn chips, salsa, and ordering pizza, but were wondering if there were some better options.

Originally, my answer was a little bit like this "well if your parties are sometimes occasions, then it's alright to enjoy the corn chips, salsa, etc. on those occasions and not stress about it."

But the thing is, when we are in the habit of doing things, for example ordering dominos at a party, it's not necessarily that we really enjoy doing those things, it might just be that it takes a little more time and effort to think of new and perhaps more nutritious (or enjoyable) options.

So what I would say now is that, if you occasionally have parties, and buy the types of foods you really enjoy but don't eat everyday, then go for it! Enjoy it at the party, then move on. If, however, you have parties more regularly and are sick of having dominos every second weekend, there are definitely better options you could be making. Below are a few tried and tested party snack options that are more nutritious and satisfying that dominos.   

A tasty and nutritious veggie platter 

A tasty and nutritious veggie platter 

Crackers - seeded, wholegrain variety, or make your own? - go for something more wholesome, filled with grains and fibre, this will be a more filling option and mean that you're not eating a whole packet of rice crackers in one sitting. 

Dips - chobani dips, hummus and veggie-based dips are all good options, but it can also be really fun and easy to make your own. Here is a link to my delicious jalapeno hummus recipe, and here are a few tasty veggie dips. You can also make a really easy beetroot hummus by simply blending a tin of chickpeas with a tin of pickled beetroot.   

Chips - chips are fine to enjoy occasionally and I often include them as a party food option, but you could also try popcorn, roasted chickpeas or even kale chips for something different. Kale chips can be made by removing the leaves from stalks, placing the leaves on an oven tray, drizzling with olive oil and a sprinkle with salt, then bake for 10-15mins at 180 degrees celsius and enjoy. It is a great way to use the leftover kale at the bottom of your fridge. 

Cheese - cheese is a tasty addition to your party platters. There can absolutely be room for cheese in a healthy diet, just make sure there are other tasty additions too (as you can see in my platters below). 

Fruit and veg - dried fruit and veggies are perfect on cheese platter. Add carrot, celery and cucumber sticks, along with strawberries, grapes, cut up apple or pear.  

Nuts - nuts are another tasty addition to platters, roasted nuts are deliciously crunchy and filled with healthy fats. 

Below are a few different platters I have enjoyed with friends and family. 

What are your favourite platter additions? I'd love to know in the comments section below. 

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