9 Kitchen Essentials for Easy and Nutritious Snacks

I love a good snack, I've written before about it here. And because I know that during the day I'll often have a snack or two, I always keep my kitchen well-stocked, so I can easily prepare a nutritious snack for whenever I need it. For me, this ensures that the nutritious options is the easy options, and prevents me from eating anything and everything in sight come 5pm because i'm over hungry and my body is calling for energy stat. Below are 9 essential ingredients I almost always have on hand for easy and nutritious snacking:   

1. Fruit - the easiest snack has to be a piece of fruit! But it doesn't have to be apples and bananas year round (although, I don't think i'd ever get sick of bananas!), mix it up! Check what's in season, and try new things! I'm loving mandarines and strawberries as a snack at the moment.

2. Yoghurt - another super easy go-to. Once again, if you're getting sick of yoghurt try it with different toppings. Get a tup of greek yoghurt and add some: berries, coconut flakes, seeds, nuts or chocolate chips. The flavour combinations are endless! 

Picture form Instagram via  @casuarinaforsyth

Picture form Instagram via @casuarinaforsyth

3. Nuts - I always have at least almonds in my fridge, then will add some different types depending on what i'm cooking and how i'm feeling. Walnuts, cashews, macadamias, they're all great! They are easy to over eat though, so bear in mind that a serve size is just 30grams or a small handful.  

4. Bread - toast is a delicious and satisfying snack, so if you feel like a piece of toast with peanut butter for afternoon tea, then go for it. There is nothing wrong with bread, just choose a good quality grainy bread, or sourdough, to keep you fuller for longer. 

Picture from Instagram via  @casuarinaforsyth

Picture from Instagram via @casuarinaforsyth

5. Peanut (or other nut) butters - peanut butter on toast = fantastic, almond butter on cut up apple = fantastic, macadamia butter on well anything = fantastic. Nut butter is an easy and filling snack, just watch your portions because it's verrrry easy to eat. 

6. Veggies - Cut up veggies are a great snack, especially for the times when you feel like eating but aren't super hungry, munch on some cut up veggies! I often make a fruit and veggie plate to have in the afternoon, and it goes down a treat. Fruit and veg is way more likely to be eaten if it's cut up and put on a plate. 

Picture from Instagram via @casuarinaforsyth

Picture from Instagram via @casuarinaforsyth

7. Cheese - A delicious and satisfying addition to crackers, bread, fruit or veg. Cheese is high in protein and a good source of calcium, making a couple of slices a perfect snack.  

8. Grainy crackers - Grainy crackers are an easy and tasty snack, that you can have on hand to prevent 'hangry' situations. Crackers that have grains and seeds as the main ingredients should keep you fuller for longer, or make some crackers yourself! 

9. Eggs - boiled eggs are easy and filling snack, boil ahead of time and have them on hand for when you need them. Enjoy alone or with some crackers. 

What are your 'must-have ingredients' for easy and nutritious snacks? 

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